Bitcoin Core  0.19.99
P2P Digital Currency
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1 // Copyright (c) 2009-2010 Satoshi Nakamoto
2 // Copyright (c) 2009-2018 The Bitcoin Core developers
3 // Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying
4 // file COPYING or
9 #include <consensus/consensus.h>
10 #include <policy/feerate.h>
11 #include <script/interpreter.h>
12 #include <script/standard.h>
14 #include <string>
16 class CCoinsViewCache;
17 class CTxOut;
20 static const unsigned int DEFAULT_BLOCK_MAX_WEIGHT = MAX_BLOCK_WEIGHT - 4000;
22 static const unsigned int DEFAULT_BLOCK_MIN_TX_FEE = 1000;
24 static const unsigned int MAX_STANDARD_TX_WEIGHT = 400000;
26 static const unsigned int MIN_STANDARD_TX_NONWITNESS_SIZE = 82;
28 static const unsigned int MAX_P2SH_SIGOPS = 15;
30 static const unsigned int MAX_STANDARD_TX_SIGOPS_COST = MAX_BLOCK_SIGOPS_COST/5;
32 static const unsigned int DEFAULT_MAX_MEMPOOL_SIZE = 300;
34 static const unsigned int DEFAULT_INCREMENTAL_RELAY_FEE = 1000;
36 static const unsigned int DEFAULT_BYTES_PER_SIGOP = 20;
38 static const bool DEFAULT_PERMIT_BAREMULTISIG = true;
40 static const unsigned int MAX_STANDARD_P2WSH_STACK_ITEMS = 100;
42 static const unsigned int MAX_STANDARD_P2WSH_STACK_ITEM_SIZE = 80;
44 static const unsigned int MAX_STANDARD_P2WSH_SCRIPT_SIZE = 3600;
50 static const unsigned int DUST_RELAY_TX_FEE = 3000;
82 bool IsDust(const CTxOut& txout, const CFeeRate& dustRelayFee);
84 bool IsStandard(const CScript& scriptPubKey, txnouttype& whichType);
89 bool IsStandardTx(const CTransaction& tx, bool permit_bare_multisig, const CFeeRate& dust_relay_fee, std::string& reason);
95 bool AreInputsStandard(const CTransaction& tx, const CCoinsViewCache& mapInputs);
101 bool IsWitnessStandard(const CTransaction& tx, const CCoinsViewCache& mapInputs);
104 int64_t GetVirtualTransactionSize(int64_t nWeight, int64_t nSigOpCost, unsigned int bytes_per_sigop);
105 int64_t GetVirtualTransactionSize(const CTransaction& tx, int64_t nSigOpCost, unsigned int bytes_per_sigop);
106 int64_t GetVirtualTransactionInputSize(const CTxIn& tx, int64_t nSigOpCost, unsigned int bytes_per_sigop);
108 static inline int64_t GetVirtualTransactionSize(const CTransaction& tx)
109 {
110  return GetVirtualTransactionSize(tx, 0, 0);
111 }
113 static inline int64_t GetVirtualTransactionInputSize(const CTxIn& tx)
114 {
115  return GetVirtualTransactionInputSize(tx, 0, 0);
116 }
static constexpr unsigned int LOCKTIME_VERIFY_SEQUENCE
Flags for nSequence and nLockTime locks.
Definition: consensus.h:28
bool IsStandardTx(const CTransaction &tx, bool permit_bare_multisig, const CFeeRate &dust_relay_fee, std::string &reason)
Check for standard transaction types.
Definition: policy.cpp:76
CScript scriptPubKey
Definition: transaction.h:137
static const unsigned int DEFAULT_MAX_MEMPOOL_SIZE
Default for -maxmempool, maximum megabytes of mempool memory usage.
Definition: policy.h:32
static const unsigned int MIN_STANDARD_TX_NONWITNESS_SIZE
The minimum non-witness size for transactions we&#39;re willing to relay/mine (1 segwit input + 1 P2WPKH ...
Definition: policy.h:26
CFeeRate dustRelayFee
Definition: settings.cpp:13
static const unsigned int DEFAULT_INCREMENTAL_RELAY_FEE
Default for -incrementalrelayfee, which sets the minimum feerate increase for mempool limiting or BIP...
Definition: policy.h:34
static const unsigned int MAX_STANDARD_P2WSH_SCRIPT_SIZE
The maximum size of a standard witnessScript.
Definition: policy.h:44
static constexpr unsigned int STANDARD_NOT_MANDATORY_VERIFY_FLAGS
For convenience, standard but not mandatory verify flags.
Definition: policy.h:74
CAmount GetDustThreshold(const CTxOut &txout, const CFeeRate &dustRelayFee)
Definition: policy.cpp:14
Default for -permitbaremultisig.
Definition: policy.h:38
static const int64_t MAX_BLOCK_SIGOPS_COST
The maximum allowed number of signature check operations in a block (network rule) ...
Definition: consensus.h:17
static constexpr unsigned int STANDARD_SCRIPT_VERIFY_FLAGS
Standard script verification flags that standard transactions will comply with.
Definition: policy.h:56
bool IsDust(const CTxOut &txout, const CFeeRate &dustRelayFee)
Definition: policy.cpp:48
static const unsigned int MAX_BLOCK_WEIGHT
The maximum allowed weight for a block, see BIP 141 (network rule)
Definition: consensus.h:15
int64_t CAmount
Amount in satoshis (Can be negative)
Definition: amount.h:12
static const unsigned int MAX_P2SH_SIGOPS
Maximum number of signature check operations in an IsStandard() P2SH script.
Definition: policy.h:28
static constexpr unsigned int LOCKTIME_MEDIAN_TIME_PAST
Use GetMedianTimePast() instead of nTime for end point timestamp.
Definition: consensus.h:30
An input of a transaction.
Definition: transaction.h:63
static const unsigned int DEFAULT_BLOCK_MIN_TX_FEE
Default for -blockmintxfee, which sets the minimum feerate for a transaction in blocks created by min...
Definition: policy.h:22
An output of a transaction.
Definition: transaction.h:133
int64_t GetVirtualTransactionInputSize(const CTxIn &tx, int64_t nSigOpCost, unsigned int bytes_per_sigop)
Definition: policy.cpp:248
static const unsigned int MAX_STANDARD_P2WSH_STACK_ITEMS
The maximum number of witness stack items in a standard P2WSH script.
Definition: policy.h:40
static const unsigned int MAX_STANDARD_P2WSH_STACK_ITEM_SIZE
The maximum size of each witness stack item in a standard P2WSH script.
Definition: policy.h:42
Definition: standard.h:56
static const unsigned int DEFAULT_BYTES_PER_SIGOP
Default for -bytespersigop.
Definition: policy.h:36
Serialized script, used inside transaction inputs and outputs.
Definition: script.h:390
static const unsigned int MAX_STANDARD_TX_WEIGHT
The maximum weight for transactions we&#39;re willing to relay/mine.
Definition: policy.h:24
static const unsigned int DUST_RELAY_TX_FEE
Min feerate for defining dust.
Definition: policy.h:50
Fee rate in satoshis per kilobyte: CAmount / kB.
Definition: feerate.h:19
static const unsigned int MAX_STANDARD_TX_SIGOPS_COST
The maximum number of sigops we&#39;re willing to relay/mine in a single tx.
Definition: policy.h:30
The basic transaction that is broadcasted on the network and contained in blocks. ...
Definition: transaction.h:270
CCoinsView that adds a memory cache for transactions to another CCoinsView.
Definition: coins.h:210
int64_t GetVirtualTransactionSize(int64_t nWeight, int64_t nSigOpCost, unsigned int bytes_per_sigop)
Compute the virtual transaction size (weight reinterpreted as bytes).
Definition: policy.cpp:238
bool IsStandard(const CScript &scriptPubKey, txnouttype &whichType)
Definition: policy.cpp:53
static const unsigned int MANDATORY_SCRIPT_VERIFY_FLAGS
Mandatory script verification flags that all new blocks must comply with for them to be valid...
Definition: standard.h:54
static const unsigned int DEFAULT_BLOCK_MAX_WEIGHT
Default for -blockmaxweight, which controls the range of block weights the mining code will create...
Definition: policy.h:20
static constexpr unsigned int STANDARD_LOCKTIME_VERIFY_FLAGS
Used as the flags parameter to sequence and nLocktime checks in non-consensus code.
Definition: policy.h:77
bool AreInputsStandard(const CTransaction &tx, const CCoinsViewCache &mapInputs)
Check for standard transaction types.
Definition: policy.cpp:156
bool IsWitnessStandard(const CTransaction &tx, const CCoinsViewCache &mapInputs)
Check if the transaction is over standard P2WSH resources limit: 3600bytes witnessScript size...
Definition: policy.cpp:186