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connectdata Struct Reference

#include <urldata.h>


struct  dynamically_allocated_data
 Dynamicly allocated strings, may need to be freed before this. More...

Public Attributes

struct SessionHandledata
int connectindex
long protocol
struct Curl_dns_entryconnect_addr
struct sockaddr_in serv_addr
char protostr [64]
char gname [513]
char * name
char * path
char * hostname
long port
unsigned short remote_port
char * ppath
curl_off_t bytecount
long headerbytecount
char * range
curl_off_t resume_from
char * proxyhost
char * user
char * passwd
char * proxyuser
char * proxypasswd
struct timeval now
struct timeval created
curl_socket_t sock [2]
curl_off_t maxdownload
struct ssl_connect_data ssl [2]
struct ssl_config_data ssl_config
struct ConnectBits bits
CURLcode(* curl_do )(struct connectdata *)
CURLcode(* curl_done )(struct connectdata *)
CURLcode(* curl_do_more )(struct connectdata *)
CURLcode(* curl_connect )(struct connectdata *)
CURLcode(* curl_disconnect )(struct connectdata *)
CURLcode(* curl_close )(struct connectdata *)
curl_socket_t sockfd
curl_off_t size
curl_socket_t writesockfd
char * newurl
union {
   struct HTTP *   http
   struct HTTP *   gopher
   struct HTTP *   https
   struct FTP *   ftp
   struct FILEPROTO *   file
   void *   telnet
   void *   generic
struct Curl_transfer_keeper keep
int upload_present
char * upload_fromhere
curl_read_callback fread
struct ntlmdata ntlm
struct ntlmdata proxyntlm
int sockerror

Detailed Description

Definition at line 401 of file urldata.h.

Member Data Documentation

struct connectdata::dynamically_allocated_data connectdata::allocptr
struct ConnectBits connectdata::bits

Definition at line 462 of file urldata.h.

curl_off_t connectdata::bytecount

Definition at line 437 of file urldata.h.

curl_off_t* connectdata::bytecountp

Definition at line 495 of file urldata.h.

struct Curl_dns_entry* connectdata::connect_addr

Definition at line 421 of file urldata.h.

int connectdata::connectindex

Definition at line 404 of file urldata.h.

struct timeval connectdata::created

Definition at line 453 of file urldata.h.

CURLcode(* connectdata::curl_close)(struct connectdata *)

Definition at line 488 of file urldata.h.

CURLcode(* connectdata::curl_connect)(struct connectdata *)

Definition at line 478 of file urldata.h.

CURLcode(* connectdata::curl_disconnect)(struct connectdata *)

Definition at line 483 of file urldata.h.

CURLcode(* connectdata::curl_do)(struct connectdata *)

Definition at line 466 of file urldata.h.

CURLcode(* connectdata::curl_do_more)(struct connectdata *)

Definition at line 473 of file urldata.h.

CURLcode(* connectdata::curl_done)(struct connectdata *)

Definition at line 467 of file urldata.h.

struct SessionHandle* connectdata::data

Definition at line 403 of file urldata.h.

struct FILEPROTO* connectdata::file

Definition at line 543 of file urldata.h.

curl_read_callback connectdata::fread

Definition at line 565 of file urldata.h.

void* connectdata::fread_in

Definition at line 566 of file urldata.h.

struct FTP* connectdata::ftp

Definition at line 542 of file urldata.h.

void* connectdata::generic

Definition at line 549 of file urldata.h.

char connectdata::gname[513]

Definition at line 429 of file urldata.h.

struct HTTP* connectdata::gopher

Definition at line 540 of file urldata.h.

long connectdata::headerbytecount

Definition at line 438 of file urldata.h.

char* connectdata::hostname

Definition at line 432 of file urldata.h.

struct HTTP* connectdata::http

Definition at line 539 of file urldata.h.

struct HTTP* connectdata::https

Definition at line 541 of file urldata.h.

struct Curl_transfer_keeper connectdata::keep

Definition at line 553 of file urldata.h.

curl_off_t connectdata::maxdownload

Definition at line 456 of file urldata.h.

char* connectdata::name

Definition at line 430 of file urldata.h.

char* connectdata::newurl

Definition at line 517 of file urldata.h.

struct timeval connectdata::now

Definition at line 452 of file urldata.h.

struct ntlmdata connectdata::ntlm

Definition at line 568 of file urldata.h.

char* connectdata::passwd

Definition at line 447 of file urldata.h.

char* connectdata::path

Definition at line 431 of file urldata.h.

long connectdata::port

Definition at line 433 of file urldata.h.

char* connectdata::ppath

Definition at line 436 of file urldata.h.

union { ... } connectdata::proto
long connectdata::protocol

Definition at line 407 of file urldata.h.

char connectdata::protostr[64]

Definition at line 428 of file urldata.h.

char* connectdata::proxyhost

Definition at line 444 of file urldata.h.

struct ntlmdata connectdata::proxyntlm

Definition at line 571 of file urldata.h.

char* connectdata::proxypasswd

Definition at line 450 of file urldata.h.

char* connectdata::proxyuser

Definition at line 449 of file urldata.h.

char* connectdata::range

Definition at line 440 of file urldata.h.

unsigned short connectdata::remote_port

Definition at line 434 of file urldata.h.

curl_off_t connectdata::resume_from

Definition at line 442 of file urldata.h.

struct sockaddr_in connectdata::serv_addr

Definition at line 426 of file urldata.h.

curl_off_t connectdata::size

Definition at line 494 of file urldata.h.

curl_socket_t connectdata::sock[2]

Definition at line 454 of file urldata.h.

int connectdata::sockerror

Definition at line 573 of file urldata.h.

curl_socket_t connectdata::sockfd

Definition at line 493 of file urldata.h.

struct ssl_connect_data connectdata::ssl[2]

Definition at line 459 of file urldata.h.

struct ssl_config_data connectdata::ssl_config

Definition at line 460 of file urldata.h.

void* connectdata::telnet

Definition at line 544 of file urldata.h.

char* connectdata::upload_fromhere

Definition at line 563 of file urldata.h.

int connectdata::upload_present

Definition at line 557 of file urldata.h.

char* connectdata::user

Definition at line 446 of file urldata.h.

curl_off_t* connectdata::writebytecountp

Definition at line 501 of file urldata.h.

curl_socket_t connectdata::writesockfd

Definition at line 498 of file urldata.h.

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