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UrlState Struct Reference

#include <urldata.h>

Public Types

enum  { Curl_if_none, Curl_if_easy, Curl_if_multi }

Public Attributes

enum UrlState:: { ... }  used_interface
struct timeval keeps_speed
struct connectdata ** connects
long numconnects
char * headerbuff
int headersize
char buffer [BUFSIZE+1]
char uploadbuffer [BUFSIZE+1]
double current_speed
bool this_is_a_follow
char * auth_host
struct curl_ssl_sessionsession
long sessionage
char * scratch
bool errorbuf
bool allow_port
struct digestdata digest
long authstage
long authwant
long authavail

Detailed Description

Definition at line 661 of file urldata.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

Definition at line 662 of file urldata.h.

Member Data Documentation

bool UrlState::allow_port

Definition at line 703 of file urldata.h.

char* UrlState::auth_host

Definition at line 685 of file urldata.h.

long UrlState::authavail

Definition at line 718 of file urldata.h.

long UrlState::authstage

Definition at line 712 of file urldata.h.

long UrlState::authwant

Definition at line 715 of file urldata.h.

char UrlState::buffer[BUFSIZE+1]

Definition at line 679 of file urldata.h.

struct connectdata** UrlState::connects

Definition at line 673 of file urldata.h.

double UrlState::current_speed

Definition at line 681 of file urldata.h.

struct digestdata UrlState::digest

Definition at line 706 of file urldata.h.

bool UrlState::errorbuf

Definition at line 695 of file urldata.h.

char* UrlState::headerbuff

Definition at line 676 of file urldata.h.

int UrlState::headersize

Definition at line 677 of file urldata.h.

struct timeval UrlState::keeps_speed

Definition at line 669 of file urldata.h.

long UrlState::numconnects

Definition at line 674 of file urldata.h.

char* UrlState::scratch

Definition at line 694 of file urldata.h.

struct curl_ssl_session* UrlState::session

Definition at line 691 of file urldata.h.

long UrlState::sessionage

Definition at line 692 of file urldata.h.

bool UrlState::this_is_a_follow

Definition at line 683 of file urldata.h.

char UrlState::uploadbuffer[BUFSIZE+1]

Definition at line 680 of file urldata.h.

enum { ... } UrlState::used_interface

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